A transformation 113 years in the making.


Having grown fond of their existing mark and colorway, but acknowledging the need for evolution, Kingdom House wanted a way forward that retained the symbolic use of the butterfly as a transformative creature, as well as the themes of health and growth evoked by blues and greens.


Employing a simple but dynamic radial effect encapsulated by a minimal butterfly silohuette, the new mark carries both an edginess and elegance, balancing the organization's past with its future. The revised colorway explores the extreme depths of established hues, expanding tones from the traditional to the trendy.


Debuted across direct mail pieces, social media and a new website, the new brand quickly caught the attention of both residents in the community and donors across the metro area, sending a strong message that the organization had its sites set squarely on the future—one where it continues to grow in its service to the St. Louis community.