A new financial planning model for a new generation of investors.


After a young financial planner spent a handful of years building career equity with a firm handling multi-million dollar portfolios, he saw his peers struggling to make smart decisions with their own financial futures.


With the intention of focusing on a Gen X/Y audience as a whole, I helped develop the Modern Dollar Planning name and brand in a way that felt resonant with younger generations' trend towards the minimal and technological. The visual and verbal identity is meant to invoke a youthful sophistication, nodding to the maturity of addressing one's financial future, while still recognizing a wild-at-heart spirit that holds true to the notion that a plan can be a liberation, setting the stage for a new adventure.


The new brand identity was immediately implemented in a Squarespace site, which I developed and populated with custom photography and content. The practice gained traction out of the gate, quickly amassing a clientele eager for financial guidance. The Modern Dollar brand allowed for a position of thought leadership and industry vision, with contributions and quotes in major financial publications not uncommon in the company's first year. Contemporaries in the space frequently inquire on the brand and website work, realizing the value of MDP's polished identity within the category.