A fresh start for a storied congregation moving forward in concert.


When a husband & wife pastor duo set out on their new church appointment, I knew they would want a fresh look for a church in need of a fresh start, so I started kicking ideas around in my head before they even asked. Tasked with rebranding a church looking to leave its conflicted past behind and pursue a brighter, more harmonious future, I infused the scientific elements of the namesake into the mark itself. 


Working from visual concepts of harmony, I looked to both the sonic and luminous. The mark design is inspired by the wavelength relationships of melodic harmonies, with the logomark utilizing the curvatures of the first three melodic harmonies for both Trinitarian and congregational symbolism.

A broad-but-muted brand colorway is drawn from the additive and subtractive primary colors of light, with red nodding to the church’s Methodist roots, blue drawing from the baptismal waters and green eliciting growth and verdant rebirth. The expanded palette further serves to provide a sophisticated take on the various tones of the liturgical calendar, evoking the approachable ease of Harmony’s vision of grace.


Harmony UMC has seen steady growth since launching their new brand and updated worship service, attracting younger members who appreciate the enrichment that comes with a harmonious blend of wisdom and energy.