A new vision for an old denomination.


Following the merger of the influential and forward-thinking Rethink Bishop blog and innovative, grassroots-driven Relevance LEAD conference—both of which championed a progressive vision for the United Methodist Church—UMC LEAD was birthed with an established community, but no banner under which to solidify its augmented presence within the denomination. The new brand needed to be modern, minimal and versatile enough to reflect the voices amassed in UMC LEAD's diverse crowd of clarion-calling contributors.


Embracing the organization’s forward-thinking vision for the denomination, a minimal, geometric mark was developed to evoke the time-honored Methodist flame. In this way, the logomark manages to establish a familiar silhouette while embracing a post-modern geometry that conveys the assembly of diverse parts as a greater whole. The "stronger-as-one" theme meets a call for a unified denomination in the subtle reference of a hybridization between the letter L and the number 1.

A broad and versatile colorway reflects an organizational championing of diversity of all kinds, incorporating the traditional Methodist red as well as verdant-but-modern tones of green and blue, pointing towards a future in which an evolutionary edge meets a return to Wesleyan origins.


The brand was blown out in myriad iterations to provide ample usage options across social channels and promotional materials, building excitement and anticipation for UMC LEAD's first conference as a unified movement ready to make paradigm-shifting impact within a storied denomination.