A guide for leaders prepared to summit their potential.


Looking to expand his coaching practice, the founder of Elevate Coach approached me with the challenge of conceiving a new, ownable name and identity that would both embody his approach and set his brand apart from the rest of the coaching industry.


"Comitor" comes from the Latin "to accompany" and reflects the brand ethos of serving as both a guide and companion on life's journey. The analogy of a sherpa-like supporter in the climb towards summitting one's goals and challenges lent itself nicely to a strong visual identity built around mountaineering. The analogy serves a dual purpose as fertile ground for metaphorical brand messaging (e.g. "Summit your potential").

As an extension of the brand identity development, I also designed the cover of Comitor Coaching's first book, "Map Your Life".


The practice was relaunched under the new Comitor brand and immediately gained newfound traction, gaining clients across industries, including leaders in music, ministry and media.