I project-managed and contributed to the conceptual development of this strategic brief which looked to serve up thought leadership on an increasingly prominent-yet-enigmatic ethnic subset of the Hispanic-American population. You can download the entire document at mx.switch.us. My case study write-up for the project follows the image previews...

That moment when... your brand becomes a tradition.


Develop an understanding of the Mexican-American consumer that goes beyond its rapid population growth and the marked uptick of its projected purchasing power. 


The final piece transitions from microscope to movie projector, inspecting the details of datasets and expanding them into widescreen illuminations depicting a population ripe with potential for new brand relationships. But as the piece points out, foolish brands rush in. Contained within the white paper is a blow-by-blow breakdown of insights outlining why this demographic must be courted with brand experiences that evoke a deep understanding – and an even deeper respect – for its audience. At its core, the piece depicts a vibrantly nuanced, yet actionable way of understanding and connecting with an oft-storied but seldom understood demographic: the Mexican American.

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