The verb/noun duality of “record” denotes the thrilling process of realizing the once ethereal.  

My fascination with creative mediums has been a slow progression of disposable cameras, tape decks, camcorders, microphones, 4-track demos, campus radio shows, HD cameras, editing softwares, slates and 18K lights.

I spent a decade directing scenes, framing shots, rigging lights, animating type, splicing clips and wrangling waveforms for anyone seeking to realize their vision with something that looks and sounds better than good enough.

When media culture moved from “just push play” to “just hit record,” media production was largely democratized with message appropriately trumping medium. My focus has largely followed suit.


  • Director, Best Music Video - 2009 Crossroads Film Festival - “The Book of Matches” - Gentleman Auction House
  • Director, Audience Choice, Group B - 2005 48 Hr Film Festival - "I'm Sorry, Mr. Reeves"


Working with Steve over the course of several film and television projects with him at the directorial helm, he was incredibly reliable and valuable to our team as a creative leader and dedicated worker. He was quick to offer solutions to the unique and immediate problems that come up in our industry, and steadfastly committed to seeing all of our projects through to fruition.
— Nick Gartner, Senior Staff Editor, 72 and Sunny