Heavy is the head that wears too many hats.

There’s no reconciling the part-time position of “Media Coordinator” I held at The Gathering and what I spent 30+ hours a week accomplishing in a year and a half. Rather than what the title might imply, I was tasked with managing the following laundry list:

  • Design, launch and administration of website
  • Technical prep, launch & operation of “video venue” satellite site
  • Individual branding for multiple ministries
  • Creation of motion graphics for promotional videos
  • Concept & production of ministry and event promotion video 
  • Volunteer design, copywriting, video, photo & IT teams
  • Title, copy & artwork for sermon series
  • Online congregational community network
  • Weekly sermon videos and podcast publishing
  • Design layout of all print collateral
  • Content for owned social channels

Maintaining a high quality of work against the sheer volume was tough, but a vision runs poorly when its vehicle is fueled with impurities.

In the end, it was an unsustainable workload on top of my pre-existing full-time job, but the experience gained was invaluable, and the work produced remains a hard-won component of my professional portfolio.


  • 25% annual increase in average weekly attendance (2011-2013)
  • In-service video content highlighting missions efforts resulted in cumulative donations nearing $500,000
  • Executed the workload of a full-time position in a part-time role


Working with Steve was rewarding and inspiring. He brings talent, smarts and energy to every project he touches. He took every opportunity on and owned it by applying his own style and vision to a solution that was a perfect fit for the personality of the church. His contributions helped evolve The Gathering’s aesthetic, giving it breadth and appeal to the diverse membership.
— Stephen Barr, Creative Director, The Gathering
I’ve known Steve for more than six years and have collaborated with him on a number of creative projects. I admire him for his big-picture creative thinking and for his commitment to doing whatever it takes to produce high quality results. His standards are extremely high, both professionally and personally. He’s a person you always like to see walking into the room, full of original thoughts and interesting viewpoints.
— Michael Rosenthal, Managing Partner, 90°W