Defining a brand’s identity is a prime opportunity for reflection and renovation.

After years of getting freelance design requests for “a logo," I began to find the exercises rather deflating—my carefully crafted marks were invariably thrust into a melee of confused usage and messaging.

Trying to embody the vision and essence of an organization in a little text-flanked icon felt like putting together a single outfit when they really needed an entire wardrobe, expertly tailored and carefully coordinated with a look and style built around who they are and what they stand for. 

Thus began an interest in aligning organizational purpose with perceptual personification to create a unique vehicle that expresses a leader’s equally unique vision. 

From leadership coaches and financial advisors to faith organizations and NPOs, what my clientele has lacked in prominence it makes up for in a consonance that contrasts the brand/business dissonance epidemic among larger corporations. Smaller, purpose-driven organizations are uniquely positioned to have near-perfect alignment: Their behind-the-scenes operations often are refreshingly just as advertised. 


  • Rebranding of a 114-year-old non-profit organization
  • Equipping an old church in need of a fresh start with a new identity
  • Positioning a financial planning startup for immediate post-launch success


When it comes to establishing a brand identity Steve is the real deal. His work included logo design, helping me revise my mission statement to better attract my ideal client, and then forming elaborate, professional brand standards. This total brand transformation has taken my business to the next level.
— Sean Post, Founder, Comitor Coaching
[Steve] helped me create a brand that really spoke to my clients because he took the time to understand who I wanted to serve and why my offering was different than traditional financial services. I regularly get complimented on my firm’s unique identity. It has been a huge boost.
— Andrew Mohrmann, Founder, Modern Dollar Planning
Steve’s designs are fresh and innovative. He clearly understood what we were looking for and developed a brand identity that we were thrilled with. He’s both professional and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him for any branding and/or brand identity projects.
— Rob Rynders, Co-Founder, UMC LEAD