When “trying something new” means selling something old, half the job is polishing the product. 

After 10 years on the production side of Switch’s project workflow, I asked to be reassigned and wound up in business development. My versatility allowed for immediate impact in standardizing presentation templates, assembling RFP responses and developing case studies. Beyond identifying prospects, I also helped refine and implement an overall prospecting strategy for new business.

When new creative leadership warranted a brand repositioning, I presented a direction that sought to unite the company identity under one simple, universal vision.

Falling out of this were primary contributions to new brand systems, including refined standards, collateral and presentation templates. This evolved into project management over a website redesign and product management of a proprietary software application.

My interest in strategic planning was tapped for primary and secondary research around the aforementioned projects, as well as research and strategy for client branding projects and content strategy for Switch thought leadership initiatives. 


  • Development of new corporate brand positioning, updated corporate brand identity, creation of look & feel for new capabilities presentations and proposal decks
  • Development of survey content for primary research to support agency thought leadership white paper on collegiate marketing
  • 72% increase in lead nurturing emails sent, 104% increase in open rate, 1267% increase in CTR


Steve loves to challenge the work on every project we do, and more specifically the thinking behind it. It pushes us to truly think through problems and not settle on the first solution we come up with. And he brings that level of care to everything he touches. When it comes to brand and project planning, Steve is incredibly thoughtful and detailed, finding just the right insight and starting point for the team, providing a strategic foundation that leads to the most impactful work possible. What amazes me most about Steve is his versatility. He’s able to jump from one marketing discipline to another without missing beat. Having someone that well rounded on the team is invaluable. Needless to say, I’m a big fan of Steve’s.
— Josh Kell, VP of Creative, Switch
The smartest guy in the room isn’t always the loudest. That is certainly true of Steve... He is always listening, always thinking. Steve has an insatiable curiosity that powers his quest for insight. He understands the data but he looks between the lines, beyond the numbers to discover the hidden truths... To him, the target are people and it is his responsibility to shape who they are, what motivates them and how they think through ceaselessly asking the right questions in the pursuit of “why.” In the case of Steve, the smartest guy in the room is the quiet guy—the hidden gem I was lucky enough to see shine. Without a doubt, he can help any agency or organization shine brighter and be smarter.
— Nicole Phillips, Group Account Director, OsbornBarr
Steve is intelligent, industrious and thoughtful—a true team player when it comes to collaborating on project challenges and opportunities. He possesses a diverse and flexible set of creative skills, organization and communication proficiency, and tremendous wit to boot.
— Lincoln Wisely, Jr. Web Developer, Manifest