If you have a vision to move an audience, what better than motion pictures?

When I was a junior in high school, I sat down with Ryan Fitzpatrick’s future mother-in-law to figure out where I wanted to go to college (yes, really). First, she needed to know what I wanted to major in, and when I didn’t have an answer for that, she asked me what I liked to do.

My interests in art, photography, video, music and writing seemed to naturally converge in filmmaking, and my increasing affinity for the burgeoning independent cinema of the late 90’s cemented the appeal.

I had a handful of schools with reputable Film Production departments laid out as options, and I applied to the one in the biggest city closest to home (Des Moines, IA), Webster University in St. Louis. 


  • Co-Director, Best in Central Time Zone - 2003 National Film Challenge - "The Return of the Rival Guns of Fortune
  • Director, Webbies Award Show Segments “Mission Tuition”, “Dormz”, “Inside the Sound”
  • Best Digital Short "Webbie" Award - "The Truth"
  • Best Original Music Recording "Webbie" Award - "When You Roll Off", Drop Dynasty